Getting my scrap life in order!

Ok so since I had my third child I’ve been letting my scrapbook slide in a big way. Sure I’ve started a lot of projects, I even finished a few, mostly mini albums. Which with me are never so mini. But I always felt I was falling further and further behind. One more kid later plus moving four or maybe five times since then I had tuns of those paper packets full of pictures. Some I had printed out two and three times. I had half finished projects in every nook and cranny. It was a mess and a constant nagging in the back of my brain.

So I’ve really been into goal setting this year. But not just setting these big crazy goals, setting real, reachable goals. Then breaking them down into small bits, because with four kids I don’t usually have large chunks of time to set aside.


I found the reset girls Facebook group and they had this great printable. For setting goals in all areas, financial, big goals, spiritual, etc. You can find it in the files section on their Facebook page.

I also made a master list of all unfinished projects and set them all in the same place in my scrap room.
Then I started with the easy ones. The ones that would take the smallest amount of time. I’ve also added in finishing up my old project life albums. But since that’s a huge hurdle I added it as a master goal them broke it down into each month as it’s own goal.


My planner page for craft goals.

I’ve even finished a few! This year I’ve also gone digital. While I love my sparkly embellishments and grungy papers, doing scrapbooking one layout at a time is just madness. I take a lot of photos. A LOT. I even tried pocket pages but found I just can’t bring myself to just slip a plain card into a pocket and call it done. I love putting a pile of embellishments on my pages. Even those little cards. And at the end of the day scrapbook should not be a chore, it should work for you! 

Even with the hybrid system it took forever to make a week layout. I would dig threw cards forever and fight with letter stickers and the whole nine yards. But this year I’ve stayed up to date with my pocket pages and even got quite a few regular layouts done! The small goals help me stay focused and not feel so overwhelmed. Maybe this can work for you as well.


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