Project life Week 1 2016

So it’s a new year and my big goal is to not fall behind on project life, like i did last year, and the year before that, and maybe even the year before that. Now that i am digital it will be so much easier. All my photos go right into my and pload instantly on my computer. So no more forgetting photos in random places, and if i use my dslr i will jsut have to remember to get those. But hopefully not falling months behind will make that easier.

I also set a goal to journal more. I. Am. Horrible. At. Journaling. I usually just don’t do it. which almost defeats the purpose of scrapbooking, and really makes project life confusing. i mean the first year i did it i want back and i’m like “who’s shoes are these?”. The point is to tell the stories. This year there is a running debate over what week it is with january starting in the middle of the week. but i figured i had enough photos to start the first page. I’m not sure yet if i’ll do a cover page. Maybe later, but if not i have this one page to start it, I hate having odd page amounts lol. I used Most of this from the lillypad. they have some awesome monthly subscriptions that are worth every penny! And no i don’t get paid for saying that lol.


1 week 1


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