project life Week 2 2015

This week was pretty simple for me I had quite a few photos to add in and i think i’m getting the hang of journaling. even if it is just a small blurb! I used a bit of everything from all over but and didn;t wright down what i used šŸ˜¦ but i know for sure i got my template fromĀ Love this sight. you can go and download free items every day, or sub for 15$ a month and have unlimited downloads and let me tell you there are thousands of items on here probuly more. plus an awseom forum group and you can share all you r work right on there and putter aorund the gllery for inspiration. Plus there is no limitations because you didn’t use their products.

Im right on track with my goal. every day i get up down some jet fuel coffee, and get the kids ready and out the door then i sit for about 30 min (ish) to check my email, then add any photos i’ve take to my layout. This method of doing it first thing so it wont get put off, added to the fact that doing this as a habit makes it easier for me to realize when i’m not taking photos, makes it really easy to keep up to date. I remember the stories because they are fresh and if i forgot to take a photo the day before it really gets my creative juices flowing because then i have to either, re enact a photo (like taking a picture of my new mugs since i forgot to) or really paying attention to the little things that day and get a photo then. It really pushes me to open my eyes and notice all the little things going on during the day that i would probably otherwise forget.

Great ideas for filling those blank spots after the fact can be: taking a screenshot of your facebook status, maybe getting a photo of the show you’ve been watching lately, Take a photo out of your window, maybe take a photo of something you bought food even.

walk into a random room and take a photo. You never think to take a picture of the house most of the time. but as someone who has moved a lot i realized i can’t even remember what my house from when my middle daughter was a baby looked like. I mean i can remember the layout and that the kitchen table was to high, but beyond that i have no idea. chalk it up to living there a few short months, or to the fact that i never got any sleep. Either way i can’t get that back. it’s just gone. So look around and take some photos of the living room, your closet, the bathroom (you know when it’s not occupied), even if the rooms are dirty, even if there are toys on everywhere and… who left underware on theĀ couch? These are teh things that make up your life. Waiting to get those perfect shots can make you miss out on the real ones. ok i went off on a tangent here, rambling away, but still it’s amazing to me how one little project like this one can make me view the world in a whole new way!


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