How to scrap your facebook life

Facebook is something i’m sure most of us has wasted i mean, spent time on. I like to use Facebook to add quick little stories that happen. Jokes my kids tell, funny things my dog does, etc. I saw an add on there for this book you could get printed out that had all your Facebook wall in it. well mine was a whopping 518 pages. while you can go threw and minimally cut out content, there was a lot of my book that was phone uploads that were pictures of craft things n random crap i had messaged my friends. All in all i was really disappointed with the editing process. i mean i loved this idea but i really didn’t want a book full of meme i had shared about grumpy cat, ahem. So i figured i could do that myself! I went threw my year on my wall and took screenshots with my phone of my favorite ones. Then i cropped them in Photoshop so that they were all uniform and could fit on a page. the result was 7 pages of awesomeness!

5 facebook 8 (7)4 facebook 8 (5)3 facebook 8 (4)2 facebook 8 (1)4 facebook 8 (6)3 facebook 8 (5)5 facebook 8 (8)


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