back scrapping

Ok I’m sure I’m not alone in the fact that I have a lot of unscrapped photos I had actually thought I had been all caught up except for finishing a few mini albums. (by a few I mean 12) Anyway I started uploading all my photos to flicker just to back them up. I mean 100gb of free space heck yeah! Then after I thought I was in the clear I found more photos hundred of photos from a time when we moved a lot I had 3 kids in diapers and got no sleep. There are tuns of these precious baby photos that went unscrapped. Not sure how that happened. I blame the ever horrible cycle of waiting for coupons to print photos then waiting for photos to come in without checking what I did or didn’t print.



Oh well! That just means I get to do more fun digital layouts! Another reason I love digital is I cant fall back into that trap of did I print these? Did I get those off the camera? Who’s photos are these?! Yes we went threw a time where everyone got me to upload their photos and put them on to a disk (you know in ancient times when there were no flash drives) and that’s how I ended up with a ton of photos I have no idea where they came from. Now that I’m digital; and a bit more organized. I stay on top of all my photos. I use dropbox it automatically upload all my photos from my phone onto all my computers, tablets, and even on a different phone! OH! Plus you can share files. I have one for me and my sister and we are always sharing things back and forth. No more email fighting or waiting for hotmail to upload. Which takes forever. Plus and I think this is truly a must for anyone who takes pictures. I put all my photos into really organized files. I started it do it month by month. So I would have a year main folder than inside that one folder for each month. Now that I’m doing project life digitally I also have week by week folders instead of month folders. I also make main folders for special events like summer road trips and birthdays etc. Just makes it so much easier.


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