My nephews birthday layout

Usually at birthdays i tend to take 8 billion photos. yes thats a technical guess. It’s only now 13 years after my first kid was born that i’ve learned to take less. I still take quite a few but i don’t feel the need to scrap all of them. plus a lot are of the same moment, cake, presents, etc but i take like 5-6 of that moment incase they turn out blurry or what not. I scraplift this idea from pinterest.


I love pinterest it’s just an amazing rabbit hole of creativity. Whenever i’m stuck i’ll pop over there to look at layouts. you can usually search even but how many photots you have to scrap. I stole the look of the photos as part of the bunting i just love that.


I used the birthday wishes kit from pixel scrapper. It’s such a cute kit with both bright and pastels. I think a lot of birthday kits can be to overpowering for my tastes all bright colors on everything. it can start to look like a clown tuxedo but this one has a great balance.


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