Making valentines layout

This year instead of spending a mint on the same old valentine’s i saw this cute idea in a layout for project life on ali edwards webpage. Plus i had a ton of cheap photo papers left over. the print quality was crappy with these papers, but i guess you get what you pay for. Plus my printer likes to print dark photos. But they would work well enough for valentines. So i posed the girls and then after i printed out enough i went in and punched a hole with my cropodile and just slid the suckers in. was easier than writing out a ton of valentines since we didn’t address them to anyone.

For this layout i used the original photos of the girls and took a photo of the sucker and used teh magic wand to outline it and cut if from it’s background. Then i slid it over the girl’s photos and after some fiddling got it positioned and sized. Then i simple erased where their hands are. That way i got the look of the original valentines without the bulk. Plus i took a photo of the wrapper for an accent piece and used the same technique.




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