Scrapbooking for all the things i’ll probably forget


I’m a mother of four kids, three ferrets, two dogs, and one chamelion. That’s a lot of chaos, but we manage. Living up north with all this winter it’s easier to find time to scrap. I’ve struggled for years to keep up with my scrapbooking. Infact I had over three thousand pictures backlogged before I started project life style scrapbooking. Some as old as 10 years back. This last year I went digital and never looked back. It’s just the perfect balance for me it still has the great photos and embellishment beauty I love but faster and simpler so i can actually find time and space to do it. Last year (2016) was the first year in over fourteen that I scrapped EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. and it feels so good! With some great journaling in my planner and dropbox to keep those photos in line, I’m working to help save my memories. The most important thing to me is getting those great little moments down before they flit away. With all the rush and buzz of daily life those things can get easily lost. That’s why I started using the weekly pocket page styles.  With the help of great kits and easy to use templates this is easier than ever to do. So come in and look around to get inspired!

you can check out all my work in my galleries.

the lily pad 


my creative teams:



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