Two new chalange layouts has some new chalanges up in the forums One for using a calendar in a layout and one for useing a large photo. I got both of these scrapped up. WHile the calendar one was a little time consuming I really love it I used a template from pixel scrapper and simple clipped screenshots of my facebook posts into the daily squares. You can see my other post where I talk more about getting my facebook statuses into my layouts. then added a few square journal cards to blank spaces. I used the january storyteller kit from the lilypad to bring this layout together.



The sledding layout was fast, like super fast, since the photo was large it just needed some layers and embellishments.




No photos challenge layout

This is another great challenge from the pixelscrapper. I usually have a tun of issues with layouts with no photots. but for this challenge i decided to go the art journaling route. I really like it and i always print these out glue them into my journal and then embellish and paint over them. Add borders, glitter, and the like. I used the epic kit from, you guessed it, pixel scrapper called create something.



First day of school layout

I found quite a few photots in my archives from before i got my photots in any sort of order you can read my post on that here. and snag you some free organizing folders. BUt it gives me a chance to scrap more! This is from last year but it was such a good set of photos since Eden refused to get up but wanted to watch the girls go to school. I also got great photots of their lunches. I have really been working on getting more photos of things and details i normal over look. I started this when i started project life last year. I had a ton of smiling faces but no real stories.



more challenge love

So here comes another challenge from pixel scrapper, This one was all about scraplifting. which is a time honored tradition of scrapping. I really loved the stacked papers in teh background so that’s what i used to inspire me for this layout.

The original from pixelscrapper



My layout



I made the photots black and white and used the magic wand to recolor her shirt and her eyes. I used the baby oh baby kit from pixelscrapper. and the lovey dovey papers from the lilypad. plus a few random bit from here and there.

Heritage mini album

I’ve been working on this cute mini album of a bunch of photos i scanned from an album my mom had. I spent a good part of a week scanning and saving these photos from those old sticky back formaldehyde filled page protectors, and then hour scanning and restoring them. Also caught a nasty case of pneumonia over it. so anyone unboxing old musty albums i sugest a face mask. no joke. ANyway now i have tons of great photos of my family tree that i can scrap into a mini. A Lot of these photos i’m not sure who’s in them or the details behind it but i just love that i have them if i can find the info i will add it later.


My nephews birthday layout

Usually at birthdays i tend to take 8 billion photos. yes thats a technical guess. It’s only now 13 years after my first kid was born that i’ve learned to take less. I still take quite a few but i don’t feel the need to scrap all of them. plus a lot are of the same moment, cake, presents, etc but i take like 5-6 of that moment incase they turn out blurry or what not. I scraplift this idea from pinterest.


I love pinterest it’s just an amazing rabbit hole of creativity. Whenever i’m stuck i’ll pop over there to look at layouts. you can usually search even but how many photots you have to scrap. I stole the look of the photos as part of the bunting i just love that.


I used the birthday wishes kit from pixel scrapper. It’s such a cute kit with both bright and pastels. I think a lot of birthday kits can be to overpowering for my tastes all bright colors on everything. it can start to look like a clown tuxedo but this one has a great balance.


here’s a cute little layout of my flufferkins. I love my ferrets! and they love me. well I do feed them after all. and spaz is a lazy bum even for a ferret he loves to cuddle up on my lap! Which of course make for a great photo opp. I used this beauty for the photography¬†challenge over at (you guessed it) the lilypad