week 52

Woo that’s all my digital layouts for 2015! half a year’s worth!!!



week 51

I think this is the week i got a bit burnt out on DD and taking a ton of photots lol. this is also the turning point where i decided in 2016 i wanted to go full digital and print a book.



week 48

This started getting into December so i started doing my December daily which means i took an obscene amount of pictures lol My spread began taking up more and more room. I used to try to stay in the whole one double page layout per week. Not sure where i got the notion i had to stay structured but now i just scrap all my photos i want n threw structure out the door. 


week 47

At thanksgiving we usually decorate the christmas tree. This year we just stayed home to ourselves for thanksgiving and it was a breath of fresh air from the crazy loud holidays we usually have.