july layouts



Week 8 project life

This week i have a few photots and a lot more journaling than normal. journaling is always one of the things I struggle with. Luckly a 3×4 card only needs a few sentences to be full. Since I didn’t take too many candid shots I went looking for a few I could add. Like the ones of the girls favorite toys right now. I used this template as the base for this weeks layout these are by far my favorite pl templates. there a few set over at pixel scrapper to boot!


Week 7 in pockets

This week’s project life layout I had enough photos to do a full 2 page layout. I used the hunter ready set go template.  I jsut love these templates. I do move stuff and add or subtract items but they are a great easy starting off point for each week. Takes a lot of the time out of sorting and setting up layouts. This one was for january and i did do a bit of rearranging to make it work but i really liked how it turned out! I’ve been working on getting more of the simple day to day things that seem to slip under the radar. Doing the daily photo prompt in my project life group has helped me a lot for getting great ideas of photos. Plus I have been carrying my phone with me almost 24/7 and just randomly taking photos I don;t use them all but it does help me find some gems i wouldn’t have taken originally. I also set up a timer on my phone in a to do app. where at a certain time every day an alarm reminds me to take a picture. I set different times for each day of the week. I make sure to drop whatever i’m doing and find something to photograph. It has really opened up a whole new world of things to document. like the toys my girls are playing with, things they are doing, even just day to day chores.



Week 6 2016

This week was busy woo! I had two parties, lots of photos taken we just were busy people. That mean this week i had 3 pl layout and did 4 regular layouts! Layout one is this: these are template that can with my memory pocket monthly subscription from the lilypad aren’t they adorable? of course i shifted a few elements and changed the size of a few photo mats but all in all they are really nice especially on busy weeks!



I ended up make 3 pages this week. Before this would have drove me nuts! I have ocd and it was really hard for me to not have a full two page layout for every week. Now i’m finally letting go my iron grip to really let the creativity flow and just be what it is. Not what i think it “Should” be.